Storm Bay Bed & Breakfast

White Beach, Tasmania

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Storm Bay B & B is situated on the southern tip of the Tasman Peninsula, 75 minutes from Hobart International Airport and ten minutes from historic Port Arthur. Besides being noted for its historic sights the Tasman Peninsula is also famous for its incredible scenic vistas and its pristine natural beauty. Described as ‘a world of its own’ and the ‘undiscovered part of Tasmania’, the Tasman Peninsula has many activities that are all close to the property.

Three Capes Track

Storm Bay B & B Massage

The Penitentiary at Port Arthur Historic Site

Tasman Island Cruises

Wild Ocean Tasmania Cruise

Tasman Island and Cape Pillar from the Air

Remarkable Cave and Crescent Bay, Tasman Peninsula

Safety Cove Beach on the Tasman Peninsula

Capr Raoul Walking Track, Tasman Peninsula

Shipstern Bluff on the Tasman Peninsula

Tasman Peninsula Stunning Coastline

Stunning display of mother natures work with rock formation at the Tessellated Pavement

Waterfall Bay on the Tasman Peninsula

Surfers at Roaring Beach on the Tasman Peninsula

Tasman Arch on the Tasman Peninsula

Bioluminescence at White Beach on the Tasman Peninsula

Tasmanian Devil

Tasman Golf Club on the Tasman Peninsula

Coal Mines Historic Site

Kelp Forest off the Tasman Peninsula

Fishing Charters off the Tasman Peninsula

Kookaburra at Storm Bay B & B

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